An alleged arsonist and killer sits alone in his prison cell. At only 36 years old, his body has aged rapidly beyond its years and he can barely stand. His family and his closest friends all gather anxiously in Montreal awaiting the verdict on his appeal. After nearly three years in prison, today will determine whether or not this man has earned his freedom. But why should he? The law dictates he is a felon and his heinous crimes demand justice. But what if justice is not always blind?

The Megantic Outlaw is an original play about the life of real Canadian folk hero, Donald Morrison. His mysterious story begins in Lac Mégantic, QC with his crusade against the exploitation of Scottish immigrants to Canada. To this day, the manhunt for Donald Morrison is the longest ever recorded in Canadian history, and this was due largely in part to his entire community joining forces to support his quest and keep him free. The Megantic Outlaw is an inspirational true story filled with love, loyalty, betrayal and forgiveness that raises questions about truth, justice and what it means to be a hero. Donald's story is larger than life, and this summer marks its world premiere at Bygone Days Heritage Village. 

The Megantic Outlaw will be presented in the Schoolhouse at Bygone Days Heritage Village, 879 Sixth St., Collingwood.

August 19th- 2pm &7pm

August 20th- 7pm

August 21st- 7pm

August 22nd- 7pm

August 23rd- 2pm & 7pm

August 24th- 7pm

August 25th- 7pm

August 26th- 7pm

Quarter Century Theatre - 19 4th Line, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 0X2 - (705) 607-7056 -

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