Our Battle of the Bands is designed to be as economical and user-friendly as possible for each of our bands. We will be providing state-of-the-art sound equipment which will ideally cover everyone's needs. Scroll down for a complete list of what we are providing.

What We Provide


- Complete Drum Kit back line including mic

- Speakers

- Subwoofer

- 6 mics with stands

- Sound board mixed onsite by our sound tech

- Lighting

What You Bring

- Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/additional instruments

- Correct leads and patch cables

- Amps

All of the equipment that we provide will be properly checked and tested before the event in order to ensure we are maintaining the highest performance quality. It is the responsibility of each band to ensure all guitars, basses, keyboards and other instruments are properly tuned, have working batteries and good strings. All competitors will provide their own amps. QCT is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.