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Quarter Century Theatre is made of brave people doing brave work. We are a small company with big dreams. We know that there is comfort in discomfort and we know that change is not for the faint of heart. We are here to transform the theatre landscape of Simcoe County by changing the expectation of what theatre is. Original, edgy, and unpredictable is the name of our game. We strive for excellence and we deliver what we promise. 



Rochelle has been a theatre creator for over twenty years. Primarily an actor, Rochelle has turned her passion into her business and has embraced entrepreneurship faithfully. Rochelle holds her BFA in Acting from Memorial University of Newfoundland and her MA in Theatre- Writing, Directing & Performance from the University of York in the UK. She is passionate, creative, tenacious, and truly believes that art is the most effective catalyst for change. She is meticulous and uncompromising in the work that she creates and is passionate about educating and empowering others to  share those values.

Rochelle chose to start QCT in Collingwood because she knows that the potential for great success is abundant. Collingwood offers a unique lifestyle to its residents and visitors, but the theatre scene is still relatively small. QCT gives her the opportunity to create world class contemporary theatre while also capitalising on a truly unique corner of the globe, and she continues to influence change in the arts and culture scene here while creating her own theatre empire.

In January 2020, Rochelle moved to Los Angeles to further her training, grow her creative circle, and shop her work around. She was accepted into The Groundlings Core Training Program and won Gold at the International Independent Film Awards in Concept, Screenplay, and Short Script for her play-turned-film Black & White & Grey All Over; first produced in the fall of 2018 as a theatre/film hybrid production. Unfortunately, due to global crisis in the wake of COVID-19, Rochelle needed to leave L.A. earlier than expected and is now back in Collingwood, creating projects and brainstorming for the future.

Most recently, Rochelle joined BFresh Media, and has been appointed the Associate Producer at Theatre by the Bay in Barrie, where she is overseeing their brand new film initiative. While such a robust transition into film production was certainly never forecast, it proves to be a fruitful, rewarding pivot in her career that continues expanding her horizons.

If you support our mission here at Quarter Centruy Theatre, please consider making a secure donation through PayPal. All proceeds will go towards creating and developing new projects and arts-based community initiatives!

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